Indigenous People of Biafra

MOBIN - Movement of Biafrans In Nigeria

Understanding The vision And Mission Of The Movement Of Biafrans In Nigeria

1). MOVEMENT OF BIAFRANS IN NIGERIA (MOBIN) is a political movement by all the Biafrans living in Nigeria who are described as Indigenous People of Biafra in the Suit No FHC/OW/CS/192/2013, now Suit No FHC/EN/103/2019 on appeal in the Court of Appeal as Case No CA/E/96/2020 for both political and economic emancipation of Biafraland. It was founded by Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, the originator, creator and vision bearer of the movement of Indigenous People of Biafra anchored on the rule of law and political diplomacy, who has proved to the Nigerian Government that what Biafrans lost after the war was their sovereignty and not their indigenous identity as a people.

2). He argued in the Federal High Court that the greatest mistake that Nigeria made was to have spared the Biafrans alive and that if Nigeria had annihilated Biafra just as Rome annihilated Carthage, there would not have been any remnants to seek for the restoration of their ancient country. But since Nigeria failed to annihilate the Biafrans, the law protects the remnants of the Biafrans to rise up again as an independent nation. This was why he created the movement and coined the name “Indigenous People of Biafra” to describe the remnants of the Biafrans who were not consumed in the war. MOBIN is the political arm of the Biafran Struggle that powers and runs the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra by the use of Town Hall Meetings in organizing the Biafrans in Nigeria and in all parts of the world.

3). At Paragraph 1 of the Originating Summons, he defined these remnants as Indigenous People of Biafra inhabiting the three contiguous regions of the South East, parts of the South-South and parts of the Middle Belt of Nigeria. This is the only definition we have in the Court records in the Nigerian Judiciary. This remains the definition of Indigenous People of Biafra and their geographical habitation as given by the Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra until Nigeria proves otherwise. The acronym for the nation is IPOB as given by the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra, Dr Dozie Ikedife, in 2013. It is the identity of the nation of Biafra. This is the nation that is in Court with Nigeria. It is not the same thing as the limited liability company called Indigenous People of Biafra Limited registered by Nnamdi Kanu in the UK when he was ostracised from the original IPOB by the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra for the evils he committed against the Biafra Project.


Human Rights

To promote human rights advocacy and protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples in all parts of the world who are facing persecution and discrimination.


To advocate for the rights and fundamental freedom of the remnants of the Biafrans who are scattered in all parts of the world as refugees and people on self-exile post-war


To facilitate economic development, technological development and poverty eradication in the underdeveloped third world countries.